Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday Notes 01

With three separate trips to Atlanta this week I am wiped out. Wedding season is right around the corner so I am protecting my free weekends like a hawk and embracing the fact that not making plans does not mean I'm less busy. In fact my free time is focused on what matters most- being with Taylor and resting. Rest is so essential and we shouldn't feel guilty for enjoying it! I hope everyone has a nice and easy weekend.

An interesting list...although I feel like I already enjoyed most by my early twenties.

We could all learn to say this more effectively.

Since I love simple lists, these marriage tips are perfect.

No-bake St. Patrick's cereal bars!


Lovely (and moody) prints

CAMP is starting back up! Woohoo!

// Top photo of the little bunny during morning snuggles. Kola is getting so big! //

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