Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday Notes 03

I can't decide if this week went by fast or slow so I think I will just tell myself it was the perfect pace and be grateful for another good week. This March weather might be inconsistent- which can definitely affect my mood- but I felt like I did my best to stay consistent with work and relationships and sometimes that's all you can do.

In the afternoon I met up with Maggie at Hendershot's Coffee to sit and work while she studied for exams. I was so encouraged when later she offered to make dinner at her house- which was deeelish. She also helped me wrap about 80 of these grits packs- bless you Maggie! Only 100 more to go :)

After running errands all over Athens like a mad-woman (coordinating wedding shuttle schedules might be the death of me) I finally got to settle down and enjoy time with T for his birthday. We went over to Banana Republic to pick out some new shirts and a sports coat and then went to dinner. I love how excited he is getting about business school and stepping up his "fashion game." Ha.

A final walk through brought me to The Hill - one of my favorite places in Athens. I have never seen the grass look so green and lush enough you could sleep on it! The day ended with another final-ceremony-timeline meeting, but this one was over margaritas and chips at Taqueira del Sol. So yummy!

Although the day started off chilly, by mid-afternoon it was warm enough to sit outside and get work done - which included stamping 350 praline bags. My hand might be sore or bruised but the bags look great and that's all that matters right?! I met up for dinner with Bethany from Epting Events at Pulaski Heights BBQ so we could run through rental install times and I am so grateful to not only have such a trusted resource in the industry, but a great friend too. Have you noticed I plan a lot of meetings around meal time? I mean a girls gotta eat.

Today I'm working on preparing my PowerSheets (currently 25% off!!!) for April and getting very ambitious with goals. I have a month off from my part-time job which is such a BLESSING as I want to focus all time and energy to make the first 2 weddings of the year great. I keep wondering if I'll be going back to said part-time job...

Tonight kicks off Taylor's Terry College of Business MBA Welcome Weekend and we're going on a Georgia Food Tour! I cannot wait to watch how Taylor interacts with the other students in his program- I will be beaming like a proud little wifey all weekend long. Weather permitting, Lauren and I are going to venture over to the BouleYARD Sale Saturday morning and then do some planning for a photo shoot ;) I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Natalia is headed to Europe! Send her suggestions for a fun-filled trip across the pond.

A song for your weekend.

T and I just started re-watching episodes, so The Office Time Machine could not come at a better time.

Pretty clogs for skirts or shorts.

Concrete planters are a DIY I really want to try for spring.


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