Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday Notes 02

Remember 5 seconds ago when it was March 1st and now it's March 21st? How does this happen? I am so happy that spring is finally here as many events I have been planning for over a year are right around the corner. My prayer is to not be anxious about anything but to be thankful for the work I get to do. Friday Notes are a recent addition to the blog (inspired by Lesley) and I thought it would be fun to share one thing I'm grateful for from each day of the week:

I took a trip to Atlanta with Candice for a final walk thru at the Atlanta History Center. Candice has a bride getting married right in front of the Swan House (any Hunger Games fans geeking out right now?) and despite the rainy day we had a blast driving around the city and finalizing all the ceremony details.

A custom wedding favor required a trip to Mills Farms where I got to meet THE red mule of Red Mule Grits. Athens is filled with so many talented, sweet and hard working individuals. I love being apart of such a creative community and incorporating personal touches into unique weddings.

Maggie and I grabbed lunch at Big City Bread Cafe and finally got to catch up since she went on Spring Break. Her friendship was such an unexpected gift at the perfect time and I'm grateful she let me use her house for said wedding favor project :) My day ended at a coffee shop with T, each of us doing work, but it felt good to just be together.

Many hands make light work which could not have been more true yesterday as I assembled 175 bags of said grits with some of the Chancey Charm interns. More on that (and this fun fabric) next week!

I am wayyy behind on my Daily Bible readings (by a week! yikes!), but I'm grateful that each day is a new start. I'm also grateful to be done reading Leviticus...Tomorrow we are celebrating Taylor's birthday with friends at one of our favorite spots in town. I hope everyone enjoys their first weekend of spring!

If money were no object - Coclico sandals would be ordered in a heartbeat.

This book seems interestingly good

I want to make a practical magazine holder for the bathroom :)

How am I just learning about Burt's Bees Blemish Stick?!

A two-toned tumblr

Oh how I wish I could attend and learn from the best!



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