Monday, March 24, 2014

Over the Weekend

This past weekend was one for the books. The weather was perfect, we ate good food, we drank good drinks, and we spent time with some of our favorite people. Oh, and we celebrated T's birthday.

For our Friday date night, we went to The National and it was actually the first time we had dinner there! I know...what kind of townies are we? Taylor had The National Tonic while I sipped on a Pom Collins with gin. Heaven in a glass, truly. We talked about our week and humored each other with dumb jokes only the other would appreciate. By the end of dinner both our hearts and tummies were full! I never would have imagined us living in Athens for 5 years (when it's all said and done) post-undergrad, but it's become home and obviously we still have so many places to discover.

Saturday involved something we NEVER do- sleeping in (until 10 am!) and it felt awesome. We went to a birthday party at Memorial Park for our friend's son. Let's just say the donut eating contest was the highlight of our afternoon. When are kids not entertaining?!

Since Taylor's shares the same birthday weekend with one of his best friends, Brandon's girlfriend and I decided to celebrate them both and take a crew to Terrapin. As I mentioned before, the weather could not have been more perfect and I was so grateful for a night with friends and hilarious conversation.

We ended the night at Avery's place with a cookout and bonfire and singing happy birthday. Sunday morning T told me it was his favorite birthday party ever :) I like to think he just appreciates the simple things.

I hope everyone had a fun and memorable weekend as well!

P.S. My bracket is so bad it's good. Anyone else still in it to win it?


  1. sounds like the perfect weekend :). happy birthday, taylor!

  2. i love the peace sign by Tay's head in the group picture ;)


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