Thursday, March 6, 2014

Back to Basics

As much as I love routine it can be so hard to create one. T and I have recently been arguing (just being honest :) over our expectations of responsibilities in the home and who takes care of what. We both have demanding work schedules that leave us ready to zone out and chill out at the end of the day, which isn't necessarily ideal when both people are starving and the house is a wreck!

Taylor was sharing his frustrations concerns with one of the elders in our church (who actually did our premarital counseling...wisely done, Taylor) and he gave us revolutionary advice:

Delegate chores and decide who takes care of what.

If you're thinking this is not revolutionary by any means you are correct! But it seriously blew our minds as our expectations going into marriage some 2.5 years ago were that I would take care of everything with the cooking and cleaning and T would take out the trash. Let's just say expectations (and work loads) change over time.

Taking a cue from Jenny and her fabulous cleaning schedule, I decided to create one for each of us:

It's already giving us a much better visual of responsibilities - not to make things "fair" but more clear. I will keep you updated on how thing go and how much better we get along :)

// Top image source unknown //


  1. I really hope this works because I *desperately* need to introduce these chore charts into our lives!

  2. We are going through the same thing! Andrew still doesn't understand that I work 32 hrs/wk and not 20 or less like before. He's gotten so used to me doing everything. The stress on me has caused a lot of frustration and bickering. Thanks for the ideas and the unintentional encouragement that we aren't weird and alone in our struggle!

  3. this is awesome! we totally need to get on something like this. thanks!


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