Friday, December 9, 2011

have a glamorous weekend

photo via Gatsby & All his Friends
Any fun plans for your weekend? I am looking for something fun to do tonight. Specifically, anything that involves enjoying a glass of wine and talking to my best friend. Tomorrow I'll be decorating our Christmas tree and then working an event at Tucker Plantation in Colbert, GA. It's going to be filmed for Say Yes To The Dress!

What would a Friday be without some link love? Enjoy!

A cutting board in the shape of Georgia :)

Who doesn't enjoy a coffee date?

Glamorous gowns

Cookie butter from Trader Joe's!

Loving Ikea this one, this one, and this one

Delicate necklace

This cheery video from the little red house

A fabulous inspiration shoot

Another lovely blog to enjoy

Simple homemade gifts

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  1. Thanks for posting about my blog, means a lot!
    Love your blog too! :-)
    X Mandy


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