Thursday, December 15, 2011

gift guide

If you haven't noticed, gift guides are all over the place these days. There are ideas for mom, dad, sis, bro, significant other, best friend, favorite teacher, dog, etc! Some of my favorites are from A Cup of Jo, J.Crew, and Martha Stewart.

The ideas come easy, but figuring out (and sticking to!) a fair budget for each person has been difficult for me. Taylor and I have decided that we can only afford gifts for one another and our immediate family. BUT that doesn't mean I can't get creative with gifts for friends! I've come up with a few of budget-friendly ideas for those special gals in your life!

- Bake something and assemble it in a precious package

peppermint bark, cookies, or coco mix! [source]
 - Make them a mix CD with a homemade case & note explaining song choices

 - Revamp a vintage card with somethin' extra - like graph paper & a gift card pocket

card jotter via Design*Sponge
-Using scrap fabric from thrift stores, make no-sew bunting

from Delightfully Tacky via Pinterest
Some tips:

- Take advantage of all the free downloads for printable cards and gift tags

- Reuse paper grocery bags for wrapping paper

- Always check the clearance section! You never know what random object could only be $5 (a notebook, nail polish, earrings, candle, get the picture :)

What do you do to stay within budget for gifts?


  1. omg that S that u have, i found almost the exact same thing! I'm gonna post it tuesday though...coincidence!:)

  2. my next dyi for cheap gifts is homemade candles in the many mason jars I have left over from the wedding. didn't have time this Christmas but I want to make them and have them ready for when we go to people's houses for dinner throughout the year. give them a candle as a thank you for having us over.

  3. That's a great idea Kelsey! I would love to help :) Hope y'all have a great Christmas and memorable time in Africa!


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