Wednesday, December 14, 2011

wedding wednesday

photo via Strikes our Fancy
From my own wedding experience I've already shared the ring, the engagement shoot, and the invitation. Now for some of the pre-wedding festivities! Tay & I were lucky to have three- count 'em, THREE- bridal showers. And all three had a sweet, charming, and rustic feel. The first was a jack-and-jill shower in New York with his parent's friends and both of our families from the North.

the lovely spread
a photo from our engagement shoot
the sweet cake
opening our gifts. awkward, no?
cutting our cake together :)
looking through family pictures with Tay's momma
This day was not just fun, but was when everything started to feel REAL. Like, "Wow, we are really getting married and building a life together!" We felt so blessed to be surrounded by our loving family & friends.

The second  shower was in Athens hosted by my bridesmaids. Let's just say these girls really know how to throw a Southern soiree.

donuts from Ike & Jane
fresh fruit
The girls blew me away with their thoughtfulness and ALL the precious details. The menu, made by my MOH Erin, was incredible and I'm so wishing I could go back and enjoy it all over again!

The third (and last!) shower took place outside of Atlanta and was hosted by my mom's best friends- who are also like second-momma's to me too :)

the flower on the plate is actually a corsage- from here
the beautiful cake- from Sarah Kate's Bakery
excited about pretty plates
Granny & all her girls
The whole experience was so memorable and I feel very indebted to the love that was shown Taylor and I by our friends & family during our engagement. Oh, and just in case you were wondering- we registered here and here. We also ordered our thank you cards from here.

If you're looking for more bridal shower inspiration, enjoy these sweet ideas:

Flower arranging class

Garden party

Honey Bee themed Jack & Jill


A pancake breakfast

Donut themed

Pretty invitation


Not your typical tea party

Gelato themed

Retro-inspired beach shower

Photo credits: New York Shower - George Bremer // Athens Shower - Lauren Davis // Atlanta Shower - Hillary Nielsen.

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