Friday, December 30, 2011

have a happy new year!

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve which is exciting for multiple reasons...

1. This NYE is the 5 year anniversary of me and Tay's first date. He was a freshman in college and I was a senior in high school. Let's just say sparks weren't exactly flying...Here is the proof we were awkward:

2. NYE is a fabulous excuse to wear something sparkly. This is what I wore last year (same date, much more chemistry):

3. We get to have dinner with some of our best friends.

4. And we're going to this band at one of my favorite venues- the Georgia Theatre.

5. 2011 will be over! Not that it's been a bad year at all- I'm just thrilled to see what 2012 has in store.

I hope your New Year's Eve is safe, fun, and ends with a fancy smooch! Have a good one and enjoy some link love!

A very cool blog that makes me miss NYC.

The perfect New Year's Day drink

Party hats

Tay got these shoes for Christmas and I love them.

I wish.

Avoid at all costs

On the menu for dinner tonight

// Top photo from Downtown From Behind. //

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