Thursday, July 11, 2013


Over the July 4th holiday, Taylor and I went on a much anticipated mini-vacation to the gorgeous Serenbe in Palmetto, Georgia. Since our honeymoon, Taylor and I have not stayed away from home (without Chief or any other family member) for more than one night so needless to say- it was much needed and well deserved!

When we first arrived we got settled in our room, explored some of the property and took a drive to the "downtown" shops. If it had not been raining we would have loved to take a stroll to the rock labyrinth. We went back to the main house to get ready for dinner and then walked right downstairs to the in-house restaurant- The Farmhouse.

Taylor ordered the flank steak while I had the fried catfish that literally melted in my mouth. It came with garlic coleslaw and the best potato salad I have ever had in my life. My drink of choice was called the "Bee Sting" with real honey. I can't wait to try and make my own again soon! After dinner we shared another drink in the living room area and entertained each other with cheesy jokes. One thing I am so grateful for is a husband with a dry sense of humor- he had me in tears laughing over awkward scenarios we could have with the hotel staff!

The morning of the 4th we enjoyed breakfast (at The Farmhouse again, only for hotel guests) which included French toast with strawberries for me and a grits/eggs/sausage soufflé for Taylor. We enjoyed our quiet times on the front porch while the rain passed on and off. We had hoped to go to the town's Independence Day parade but due to the rain it was cancelled.

Later I went to the spa for my first reflexology treatment. It was a 30 minute foot massage and I am amazed at how quickly it relaxed my entire body. Our afternoon included some work (for me) over lunch at Blue Eyed Daisy and then lazy movie watching. Even though we were stuck inside due to the weather, we still had great conversations about our future and where we hope to be in the next year. At 4 in the afternoon the main house has "tea time" so we wandered back downstairs for fresh mint tea, pickled okra, goat cheese and crackers.

That night we went to The Hil for cocktails and dinner. I sipped on a spicy margarita (too spicy for my weak palette) while Taylor stayed true to his redneck roots and got a PBR... Eventually we were seated and dinner was amazing! I ordered the pan roasted chicken with smashed potatoes and Taylor got a burger that was 40% bacon! Ha! We ended the evening with The Hil Parfait- a glass full of cookie dough, Dulce de Leche ice cream, coffee and fudge!

Our last morning included another delicious breakfast and then goodbyes to the farm animals. Overall it was such a wonderful trip and I hope we get to go back again soon!



  1. Y'all are just adorable! This sounds like the most perfect long weekend. Levi and I need to make a trip down there!

    1. Thanks! Yes- they have a great farmer's market on Saturdays!! You should definitely plan a getaway :)

  2. what an amazingly beautiful place. that seems so much fun! i can not believe you have not spent a weekend away since your honeymoon..............................................

    p.s. you have a fedora?!!!


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