Monday, July 29, 2013

5 Things I Learned on Vacation

Taylor and I still have withdrawals from the beach, so much that yesterday we went to Marker 7 Coastal Grill for lunch and then I made a linguini & clams dish for dinner. Instead of giving a play-by-play of our week on the Gulf, I thought I would just share the five simple lessons I learned while away.

1. Finish a book, but bring a back up. I finished Crazy Love (more on that later!) and was so refreshed my Francis Chan's perspective and reminders of what real love for God looks like to the world. However, I wish I had brought more reading material. If you're traveling out of town, I recommend bringing a few extra books just in case you finish one faster than anticipated.

2. Try something new with swim fashion. A few months back I took advantage of J.Crew's swim sale and purchased high-waisted bottoms (without trying them on!). I ended up ordering a matching top shortly after (again, with the risk of the size being perfect) and when they came I was a little unsure. The sizes were perfect, but I was nervous to pull off a retro suit. Turns out it was the most comfortable suit I have ever worn on the beach or in the pool!

3. Take long walks (or runs). Almost every day we each took a long stroll down the beach to the bay or the pier. It provided the perfect opportunity for shell collecting, prayers, people watching and life talks. Another perk is the fact that it's really good for your calves and a great exfoliate for your feet ;)

4. Play games, no matter how many hours they go. My family loves to play Scrabble so when my mom challenged me to a game, I obliged. Little did we know the game would take us over an hour (we blamed it on a slow start of three letter words), but we had the best time sipping our margaritas and chatting. Oh, and I might have won the game by three points :)

5. Ask strangers where they are from. Either out to eat or by the pool, Taylor and I loved striking up conversations with couples near by and talking about where we're all from. Although we didn't meet any fellow bulldogs, it was fun to connect with other SEC die-hards and get excited for the football season.


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  1. ah! i want a high-waist suit! i am hoping to score one on sale when it gets a little cooler in the states and i'm still living it up in the heat ;)


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