Tuesday, July 9, 2013

House Projects

I feel like I have 20 half-finished projects around my house and it is about to drive me bonkers. I'm talking mirrors that need to be hung, curtains that need to be sewn, shelves that need to be fixed and an office desk that hasn't been cleaned in 2 months.

I recently discovered the blog natalie creates and was inspired by her 25 by 25 project list. Her goal is to finish 25 projects by her 25th birthday and with mine 3 months and 6 days away (who's counting) I thought I better get started on my own 25 by 25!

Here are my first 10 projects to be completed by October 15th:

1. Clean and organize the garage.
2. Build a picnic table for the back patio.
3. Plant mint in the backyard.
4. Decorate the front porch for ideal dining and relaxing.
5. Paint and reupulster my desk chair.
6. Finish bar console with gold trim and wicker baskets.
7. Build a headboard for the guest room and reorganize baseball photos.
8. Get wedding photo printed and place in the empty frame in our bedroom.
9. Spruce up the bathroom with a new paint color (this, this or this) on the lower walls and add more artwork!
10. Organize desk for optimal work space and storage.

I'm sure the additional 15 projects will come to me between now and then, and I definitely want to include projects for others- not just myself- in this list.


// Photo via Moderne Press //

1 comment:

  1. This sounds like a good project list! Thinking I could benefit from doing 25 before 25 too. Namely, the half painted patio furniture in my backyard currently.


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