Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Loving What I Do

This weekend was a wonderful reminder of why I LOVE event planning. When everything falls together perfectly, when vendors are professional and helpful, and most importantly when the client is overwhelmingly happy- that is when I feel so grateful for my career and passionate about what I do.

When people first find out I'm a wedding planner they usually respond with an assumption depicted by what is glamorized in movies to which I quickly say I'm more of a "crisis-manager". Don't get me wrong, I lourve the dreamy details, elaborate lighting, unique linens, and customized menus. I just typically go into every event knowing something stressful will come up, and I have to stay as calm as possible while fixing the problem as quickly as possible.

This past weekend I had a wedding in town at a chapel with the reception at the Georgia Theater (again!). With 275 guests it's easy to get a little overwhelmed, but the weekend could not have gone smoother. I tend to dread rehearsals because they require me to be a little more bossy than I prefer, not to mention everyone is just getting in town and want to catch up! The rehearsal was short and sweet and the bridal party was able to move right along to their anticipated dinner and after party.

Everything fell into place during the day of the wedding with set ups, deliveries and transportation. I almost ran out of things to do ha! It was a huge relief that everything started and stayed on time as well. To an organizational freak like myself, those are the little things that get me through :)

The reception was exactly what you would want a party to encompass- delicious food, great drinks, and a band that kept everyone on their feet. The father of the bride surprised guests with a rap to this song and I could not get over how perfectly fun everything was. Convincing a couple hundred people to go line up outside to throw confetti was about as hard as you would assume, but it made for hilarious conversations outside and a great getaway for the bride and groom.

I love that I get to help couples have the stress-free wedding day they dream of and it's like an extra kiss from God when I get to take away a great experience as well.


P.S. I can't wait to share the actual wedding pictures taken by the ever-amazing-and-talented Caroline Fontenot.

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