Thursday, June 27, 2013

Would You Ever Eat Alone?

Would you ever go out to eat by yourself? As I get older the idea seems almost exciting- taking myself out to a nice lunch, perhaps bringing a book for the wait, and then simply enjoying the food with just my thoughts. The ultimate challenge would be to not constantly check my phone every 5 seconds, but to instead savor the environment in a completely independent way.

If you like to go out to eat alone, how do you push past the awkwardness?? I'd love to hear!

// Photo via Prepaganda //

1 comment:

  1. I don't do it often now, but I'd go out by myself a handful of times in college. I loved it! Most of the time it was so relaxing and refreshing - I'd either read or journal, or people watch if I was in a good spot to. I think you just have to not care (about the awkwardness), once you do it once, you realize it's not that bad and people do it often! I also went to a movie by myself (just one time) and that wasn't bad either - I just really wanted to see the movie and all my friends had already seen it, so I just went. I think it actually gives you a boost of confidence. :)


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