Thursday, January 31, 2013

just add coffee

A while back I shared about my plans for our kitchen, the brief process of painting and now here is just a small peek at one piece of the make over.

I pride myself in the fact that I have converted Taylor into a total coffee lover since getting married and now he's better at brewing than I am. We installed some open shelving and since this space is mainly used by Taylor prepare my daily cup of joe, I thought why not devote the shelves to mugs, tea cups and the like.

My in-laws gave us the witty sign as a Christmas gift and it always makes me smirk thinking about what Taylor has to deal with in the morning (me, Mrs. Grumpy Pants). While sipping on my cup of coffee, I thought I would start a little wish lists of things I would like to add to our sweet & simple kitchen:

Wood + glass storage containers

How do we not own a French press?

I love these mugs

A single serve blender for all the fruit smoothies we want to make



  1. If anything deserves it's own special corner in a home, it's coffee. I think everything on your list is a must-have :)

    1. Right! Have you seen those little coffee bars all over Pinterest these days? I die.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks lady! Hope you're doing well!

  3. This looks so good in your kitchen! Marilisa, I have loved reading your blog posts this week. They have been great! As far as mugs go, I get most of mine from the thrift store for like twenty five cents and I have found some really cool ones. I am a big mug collector. Also, I saw your link for single serve blender for smoothies... i just use mason jars. I have a regular blender and I remove the blade and screw it onto the top of a mason jar. Then you can have a single serve smoothie without having to clean out the big mixer. Keep posting! I am loving your blog!


    1. Thanks for all your kind words Sara :) It really means a lot. What a great idea for the single serve smoothies! I will definitely keep that in mind. Hope you're doing well!


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