Monday, January 28, 2013

pleasant purchases

For the past month I have been restraining from shopping for a few reasons. First, because I wanted to refocus my heart on being content in all circumstances and secondly, because Taylor and I were trying to be wise with our money.

By making the conscious decision that I was not going to buy anything new for a month I couldn't excuse away any purchases. Of course it wasn't easy walking through Target. Or when my friend Carol texted me about an amazing sale at a boutique downtown...needless to say it's been refreshing!

Surprisingly (and generously!), Taylor asked me if I would like to go on a little spree this past weekend. Naturally, I said YES!!! So here are a few things that found their way home with me:

A yellow dress for Jessica's wedding! Y'all I'm not gonna lie...I don't own a single piece of yellow clothing (besides a mustard sweater), so I was a little fearful as to how this would look on my transparent skin. With a decent spray tan I might look halfway decent.

I picked up these $20 rocker boots at Fab'rik and with a 20% off coupon they came out to $17. Candice had to coerce me a little, but you just can't beat that price tag even if Georgia won't stay chilly for long.

And I am probably light years late on this trend, but I finally bought an Emi-Jay hair tie. I like the fact that when it's not keeping my wild mane away from my face it can double time as a bracelet :)

Have you had any exciting bargain buys recently?


  1. Yay for shopping! The yellow dress is really pretty. I admit that I'm a little afraid of yellow clothing, but I think it will look marvelous with your hair! I can see mustard being your color.

  2. Thanks lady! We should go shopping together... :)


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