Tuesday, January 29, 2013

building a habit

If you had asked me a month ago, the topic of working out could have brought me to tears. I knew I needed the exercise as a stress reliever, but my stressful schedule meant no time to work out. And the vicious cycle continued...

Until one day, my dear pal Carol Anne told me that she considers work outs to be appointments...with herself. Meaning when she's asked if she can stay late at work, she simply says, "I have an appointment." I took this revolutionary way of thinking and ran with it. Literally.

Once the time is penciled into my planner there is no turning back. After a recent trip to the doctor for a routine check up, I was reminded of my concerning cholesterol (thank you genetics!) so it's back to the work out grind for me. Building the time into my schedule so that I go to the gym out of habit is never easy at the start, but it's slowly starting to feel like the norm. And it helps when you have this kind of eye candy working out next to you:

I hope everyone is having victories in their new year's resolutions so far!

P.S. If anyone in the Athens area is looking for a great gym, I highly recommend checking out Tribe. Taylor works there so I might be biased, but overall the have a nice facility with helpful employees that care about their job.

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