Monday, January 14, 2013

over the weekend

This past weekend was jam packed with fun and laughs. On Friday night we hosted a team dinner for Taylor's flag football team (who are traveling back to Tampa this weekend). I couldn't think of much that pairs better with football than down-home Southern food so I made pulled pork, broccoli salad and mac & cheese. I also enlisted the help of Candice to complete the food spread and I think all the guys were full and happy :)

Saturday morning included a walk with my boys and then breakfast at Mama's Boy. It was the 19th anniversary of my dad passing and Taylor brought me to tears at the table with a sweet and thoughtful card. The rest of the day consisted of a quick trip to Marietta and dinner at Last Resort Grill to celebrate another best's birthday.

While I do not claim to be a fashionista in any way, shape or form, I must say having an iPhone has made #ootd posts more appealing...this particular outfit was for church on Sunday (we go to a pretty casual church) and Taylor told me I looked like cowboy disco. Oh good, exactly what I was going for.

How was your weekend? I'd love to hear!

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