Friday, January 6, 2012


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Today I thought I would share my resolutions for the new year. I usually divide my resolutions between changes I want to make spiritually, physically, and academically- but since I'm no longer in school, I have made goals for my job.

Spiritual Goals
A resolution I've made for my walk with God is to be more consistent in my time of reading and praying. I've been reading Simply Jesus and it's transformed the way I want to read my Bible and appreciate the power of Jesus. I want to grow in my depth of knowledge of the Word not just for myself, but to help others understand the Truth. I also know that my time with God deeply affects my relationships- especially my marriage- and I want Taylor and I to be more faithful in prayer together.

Physical Goals
Like most soon-to-be brides, I was super committed to working out before my wedding day. I loved scheduling time at the gym three days a week and seeing results from my hard work. For the past two months I haven't been as committed to my workouts and when you combine that with all the amazing terribly-bad-for-you food I had over the holiday...I've felt much more lethargic. Taylor has wanted us to rethink our diet as well- specifically, cutting out bread and adding in more protein. I've been a little slow with the transition (I love my carbs), but my goal is that breads (and most carbs) are completely cut out by the end of January and I have set workout times three days a week.

Career Goals
Starting the New Year with a new job is pretty exciting! Especially when I think about how worried I was last summer that I wouldn't even find an internship... My goal for work is to have a balance of humility in regards to what is new and confidence in what I know. I also want to be much more complimentary of others; I usually think positive things, but I want to do a better job of actually vocalizing them and making other people feel proud of their work.

I would also love to feature each resolution as I put them into practice- like encouraging scriptures, healthy recipes & work outs, and situations in the office. Does that sound like something worth reading? What are your New Year's resolutions?


  1. Great resolutions hun! Best of luck in this year!

  2. Don't be surprised if those shoes aren't in your closet tomorrow...


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