Friday, January 27, 2012

Mad Men: Attire

To finish up my Mad Men inspired posts for the week, I've saved the best for last - the wardrobe. Nothing on the show (besides the drama) has captured my attention more than the classy dresses and dapper suits. The costumes have even inspired the world's most famous fashion designers- not to mention a collection at Banana Republic!

It shouldn't take long to learn how to dress like a Mad woman, but if you're looking for any ideas, here is what I'm wearing:

Both pairs of earrings are from Agora and I'm still trying to decide which pair I want to wear to the party. Which one do you like more- the flowers or the art deco?

I adore these little orange pumps from Urban Outfitters and I think they add the perfect pop of color!

My dress is also from Agora! I bought it a few years ago for $20 but it was in rough shape (sequins falling off, uneven hemline, you get the picture...). Eventually I took it to an incredible seamstress in Atlanta called TK Designs. The alterations came with a hefty price tag ($80) but once the dress was on I knew it was worth it. I have only worn it one other time so I am trilled at the chance to don it again. Taylor already has dress pants and a white button down so all he needs is a skinny tie!

You can find my whole Mad Men inspiration round up right here! I'm looking forward to sharing the details of the party next week :)

1 comment:

  1. that dress is darling! and i have those shoes... they are the best! so stylish and comfortable.
    have fun!!


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