Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Print by Matthew Kaven Brooks. Found here.
I think this pretty much sums up the weather in the Peach State today...

In other news, work has been going really well. The new interns started yesterday and not that it was forever-ago, but I'm instantly reminded of my early days as an intern- constantly worried if I'm asking too many questions.

Today we had a meeting to discuss wedding trends and it's always inspiring to work with creative people driven to think beyond what is just cool right now. And in case you're interested in wedding trends, you should definitely read this article. Also, I am trilled to be a new contributor for this blog at work! Have a great Tuesday y'all!



  1. crazy! I just pinned a print with that quote on it today. One of my faves. Too bad we can't really get into winter this year. I haven't had to look too hard for my inner spring.

  2. Haha Jackie! Maybe we will get a fluke storm in March like the one that came through a few years ago...


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