Monday, July 23, 2012

over the weekend

The weekend kicked off Friday night with dinner at Farm 255 for Carol Anne's 25th birthday. She, Alisha, and I savored our drinks while catching up on life (I had the refreshing rosé and Carol's pimm's cup was to die for). We also discussed young adult novels that are awfully awesome and books being made into movies.

I thoroughly enjoyed my Grassfed Beef Burger with a Lazy Magnolia Southern Pecan Ale. It's amazing how much you can truly taste the difference of quality & freshness in a meal prepared the way it always should be. After dinner our waitress treated Carol to a sweet birthday surprise - homemade ice cream!

Saturday's rain and Taylor's work schedule left me home [almost] to myself. While my brother & sister-in-law rested from their week at camp, I lit one of my favorite candles and did absolutely nothing except laundry for the remainder of the afternoon. It was bliss.


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  1. I miss Farm 255! One of my all time favorites. Andrew and I always say that if we only have time for one meal in Athens that's where we would go.


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