Friday, July 27, 2012

girls night

On Wednesday I went out with my sweet friend Lauren to Pauley's for Reisling and crepes and we talked about life, marriage and everything in between. One part of our conversation has stuck with me since.

We both realized many of our friendships have changed over the past year and how hard it can be to maintain long distance relationships with other women. I had recently read an article about the same topic and it got me thinking even more about the type of woman and friend I want to be as I get older.

I know the busyness of life, time difference and physical distance can all be obstacles, but I don't want them to be an excuse to give up on relationships that mean so much to me.

Perhaps the biggest obstacle is getting over my own insecurities (i.e., selfishness) and not being afraid to initiate and be vulnerable about how I feel and needs I want to meet/have met. I don't want to believe that my only closest/greatest friendships come in college- I think God is so much bigger than that.

I remember praying desperate prayers for a best friend and I'm sure I wasn't alone! Do you dream big for friendships?

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