Monday, October 1, 2012

over the weekend

This weekend was a nice rest from the non-stop plans of earlier this month and it was a small break in between weeks of wedding madness. I also feel like I got almost everything done on my to-do list.

Saturday morning started bright and early with a "delivery" for a PR tailgate and then errands around town (while avoiding the UGA home game traffic :). I was going to borrow a dress for Candice's wedding, but the temporary alterations were the price of a new dress itself- so I decided to do myself a favor and buy a dress here :)

When I got home I worked on a few crafts for Candice while she was in North Carolina. I couldn't help but take advantage of the wood stain and touched up a few projects for myself too.

Before watching the UGA vs. UT game with Carol Anne and her in-laws, we took part in some pre-game festivities...

I was trying to channel this look for Candice's wedding and I think Carol did a great job with this first attempt! The night concluded with a small birthday celebration for one of Taylor's best friends.

Sunday morning Taylor heading back into the E.R. for work and I went to church for the last week of our teaching rotation with 3rd & 4th graders. The kids made boxes for God to fill with thoughts, questions, prayers, etc. It was sweet to see how excited they got over it.

All in all, it was a great weekend. Is anyone else wondering how it is already October??

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