Wednesday, October 24, 2012

life talk

Yesterday I had lunch with a long time friend and the conversation started with the age old question, "How are you doing?" There are times when I wish that question did not exist, and then there are times when I'm so grateful some asks (and really want to know).

I opened up about life and began listing all the things I was doing, should be doing, wanted to be doing, etc and how I ultimately felt like I was coasting. Not thriving - not denying my faith - just existing. My friend quickly responded with a revelation that stuck with me all day and into the evening. Instead of getting caught up in the "doing", I need to just be.

What does that mean? Well I'm still meditating on the idea, but I agree that getting out of this slump is going to require something different because I have never been in this stage of life before. I can relate to Alexandra's feelings about transition and I am quick to think my spirituality is only linked to how much I am "doing" for God instead of letting God know my heart.

My friend also shared with me the fact that trees don't bear fruit all year long. Sometimes there are days, weeks, and months (even years!) without fruit. I believe that God can take my eager heart and help me through this time where I simply feel off. I'm not sure if all this makes sense, but I thought I would share in case anyone was going through something similar.

Have you ever had a life talk that brought new found perspective on your life and who you want to be? What was the advice and how did you work through it?

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  1. I love the visual of the trees, too. God led me to Isaiah 61:1-3 last year around this time when I was getting down on myself about how little I felt I was "doing" for God. Sounds exactly like what you were talking about. I reflected on what the purpose of a tree was if that is how God views us, trees to reflect his glory. Like your friend said they aren't bearing fruit all the time. But even when they aren't bearing their fruits they are still providing a home for animals, shade to others, landmarks of beauty, a place for kids to play, etc. It was such a good reminder that I can just be present and be a visual of God's splendor with out even doing anything. And also that I can serve God in many other ways than my "box of a mind" can think. Thank you for being so honest! And excuse my lengthy post haha. I just felt very compelled having experienced the exact same feelings not too long ago. Love you!

  2. Kelsey thanks so much for sharing all that! I have had to remind myself that I'm not alone - everyone is in the battle and everyone is somehow in a stage of transition too!

    I love the point you made about a tree still serving a purpose even if it isn't bearing fruit and I'm going to hold onto that when my anxious "do it all!" nature creeps back.

    So glad I got to see you last Sunday and I hope we can catch up soon. Love you too!

  3. Just remember that you are exactly where you need to be! :)


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