Tuesday, October 2, 2012

a shower on the hill

After some anticipation, I finally have pictures to share from Candice's bridal shower! It took place on a Sunday afternoon at The A&D House on The Hill and was filled with good food, good conversation and good jokes (at Candice's expense of course :)

Following the watercolor theme, I painted drink tags and the girls assembled them for our specialty drink: champagne & pink lemonade. With guests arriving in the late afternoon, we kept the menu to a few simple & flavorful hors d'oeuvre like crostinis with goat cheese, figs & honey.

A southern bridal shower is not complete without macaroni & cheese and Kathryn did an amazing job making these mini mac & cheese cups. She also made cheese stuffed tomatoes, a spinach salad with fresh lemon zest dressing and sweet potato fries with bleu cheese dip.

For dessert, Sara made rich chocolate truffles while Jordan made a batch of her famous cupcakes (in a lavender camomile flavor) and Kathryn brought coconut macaroons (my favorite!). Candice's future mother-in-law, Lin, made a moist pound cake with lemon curd sauce and we topped it off with fresh raspberries.

It was such a fun afternoon and I am so grateful for how all the bridesmaids came together to make it special for Candice. Even though Candice's mom was not able to make it to the shower, it was sweet to see how close she already is to Lin :)

Next weekend is her honeymoon shower and I am already trying to collect ideas for the look. Wish me luck!

// All photos courtesy of Jordan Beaman //


  1. The menu is making my mouth water!! Yum! And everything looks so beautiful :)

  2. Gosh I miss the trendy and yummy food of Athens. Looks like it was a blast! Can't believe Candice is getting hitched in less than 2 weeks now! And of course I'll be eager for your post about it so I can feel like I was there :)

  3. this looks like such a lovely time! Hope you ladies had a blast!


  4. Ashley - I know, even while writing this I was craving macaroons :)

    Kelsey - I can't believe it's so soon...I forget how crazy the last two weeks are too haha. I will definitely have pictures to share :)

    Amy - Thanks! You have a great blog too!


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