Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Simple Choices

Last Friday I briefly referenced Lara Casey's PowerSheets and how the minimal investment has already had some profound effects on my productivity and vision for the next 6 5 months as a whole. While filling out the prep sheets, I listed what "didn't work" and what "did work" in the last year and one of the main items that overwhelmingly didn't work for me in 2013 was my constant attachment to my iPhone.

It's embarrassing to admit, but I checked my favorite apps incessantly and wasted so much precious time just scrolling and looking for distractions. Which of course led to me not giving my full attention to things that matter most! In this new year I made 2 small choices to change this quickly...

1. Leaving my phone in the kitchen to charge before bed.
Anyone else out there use checking their phone as a way to help you fall asleep?! Raising my hand here. I think I fall asleep with more peace of mind now that my phone isn't sitting on my bed side table. Come morning, I'm not wasting time checking Twitter for updates, but can simply focus on getting ready and just grab my phone from the kitchen before leaving for work!

2. Deleting the Facebook app from my phone.
What started as a decision for a personal fast from Facebook for 3 weeks has grown into a long-term choice to not have the app on my phone. I'm not one to update my status everyday, but I did check for updates and to "stalk" when I was bored. Now I seem to use my time much more efficiently if I briefly check in on my laptop as opposed to my phone.

My next goal will be to delete Pinterest from my phone (!!!!) as it's been my new resort for distraction. Now don't get me wrong - I love Pinterest and it plays a vital role in my work for clients, but I use my time with more self control when I'm on my laptop instead of scrolling through on my phone. Perhaps it's not a coincidence that I broke the screen on my phone recently too (divine intervention)?

So far these simple choices have really worked for me and I think there are even more little decisions I can make to improve my day. What simple choices have you made that leave you feeling free and empowered? I'd love to hear!

P.S. You can see my "Making Things Happen in 2014" board here if you'd like.

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  1. I have never had Facebook on my phone, but would sometimes log in on Safari if none of my other Apps were providing enough distraction. I recently logged myself out permanently, deleted all of my game apps, and trimmed down the list of those I follow on other social media Apps. It's not really as much a time saver for me as much it is an effort towards trying to become someone with a more mature, clear-focused, and God-centered mind. I love the freedom (in every sense of the word) it has given me!


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