Friday, January 31, 2014

A Reevaluated Year

Hi friends! I made it a goal to write a post this month and here I am, 8 PM on January 31st so how is that for procrastination? Recently, I've been priding myself in a lot more goal-setting and goal-accomplishing and I am excited to finally share the process and get caught up on the last 3+ months…

I could say November and December were a holiday blur, but honesty they were relaxing and enjoyable. Thanksgiving included one of my most treasured family memories - each member sharing about what they were truly grateful for and if you knew the full story of all that was experienced by my family in 2013, you would have shed tears with us too. In December T & I traveled to Connecticut for time with my in-laws and filled those days playing in the snow and eating. A lot of eating. We were back in time for Christmas with my family and I savored every moment at home.

As things calmed down before the new year started, I started to do prep work for my 2014 Making Things Happen PowerSheets. I cannot say enough about these life-changing worksheets and how they have transformed the way I plan my day, weeks, and months. If you already feel defeated by your New Years' resolutions, Lara Casey's PowerSheets can be the tool for you. I won't make this blog my personal diary of every item I check off my goal list, but I do plan to share some victories and thoughts along the way.

Perhaps one of the most practical aspects to the worksheets is that they are based on 6 months - not an entire year. Isn't that so much more tangible?! And now there are only 5 more months to go :) My 5 goals are focused on my relationship with God, my marriage, my job, my relationships, and my health. More updates to come next week!


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  1. So glad you're back! Can't wait to read about your goals -- hoping they help me refocus on my own!


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