Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Coveting Ikea

I've had an Ikea gift card burning a hole in my wallet since Christmas and I'm excited to finally head to Atlanta this week [for meetings]- which gives me the best excuse to make a trip to Ikealand! Here are a few items I plan to pick up for the house:

Our living room is in some desperate need of curtains. Ever since we got a new couch (light tan sectional -score from Craigslist!) I've been needing to bring some darker hues into the room as our walls are light too. I would love to use industrial piping for the curtain rods instead of something traditional and more expensive too and I plan to round out the dark tones on the couch through accent pillows and this throw blanket.

I am slowly making progress in our dining room by hanging art (pictures coming soon) and keeping a steady flow of flowers on the table. My plan is to swap out the light for something more fun like the pendant lamp above!

Another slow process has been the transformation of our guestroom/office/dog shelter. Just kidding about the dog shelter...but seriously with two crates it's beginning to feel like one. In my dream world we would have a mud room to designate for the crates, but that is just not the case and if I want the room to function beyond storing the dogs, it's time to move the guest bed out (no one stays there besides my sisters) and put our work desks in here. The room will need more storage and this simple shelf should do the trick.

I'm hoping to make my gift card money go as far as possible so I will have to save bigger purchases (like this and this) for another time :)

P.S. Can you tell I'm obsessed with neutrals and terrified of color?!

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