Friday, February 14, 2014

Currently Following: Royal Marigold

In between working on wedding timelines and reception layouts this week, I had to take some mental breaks to keep my sanity! One of my new favorite blogs to visit is Royal Marigold.

Sarah has a great eye for photography and shares beautiful DIY projects. One that I definitely want to try soon is the dip dyed cloth napkins she created for her wedding - which I actually need to create for a client of my own!

Among other things, Sarah shares small snip its of daily life, her lovely home and gorgeously styled tables. Be sure to check out her darling blog!

// All images from Royal Marigold //


  1. Hi Marilisa! I just followed a traffic source in my stats to your site! Oh my goodness I'm so flattered. Thank you so much for this post and for visiting my blog! Does Normaltown refer to Athens by chance??

    1. Yes I live in Athens! Do you live here to?! Hope you had a nice weekend :)

  2. No I don't, but I have good friends that do and I visit all the time! I am only an hour away.


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