Sunday, April 6, 2014

Friday Notes 04

Friday notes and being posted on Sunday if that tells you the kind of week it's been. This was my first week off from my part time job and the freedom is nothing short of amazing. I've been so grateful to just focus on weddings and clients and not try to juggle the usual 60 hour week... A lot of my time has been spent outdoors too, which is good for the soul, bad for the allergies. Yay for sunshine!

After a morning of conference calls I was happy to go on a walk with my friend Brooke and the pups. Brooke is just one of those people you can always have a good conversation with and laugh. A lot. The pups were completely worn out by the end of the day which makes momma very happy.

This was full-on project day with drop cloths and staining wood for wedding signs. Although I love any opportunity to get crafty, I could go another 5 years or so without having to wear latex gloves. Please and thank you.

I got to meet one of my sweet brides for coffee and run through details for her wedding at a stunning new venue. I love seeing brides light up when they talk about their future spouse and marriage - it's definitely my favorite part about what I do. Later in the day I worked on addressing and assembling her save the dates which came out beautifully thanks to Minted!

Another day of DIY projects out in the sun resulted in two things - finishing the packaging of 175 grits favors and getting a brutal sunburn on my back. In true ignorant girl fashion I assumed since I wasn't "facing the sun" I couldn't get burned...DUMB.

Met up with Sarah to run through FINAL details for a client and then happened to make an extra 30 minute drive to Anthropologie on my way home to just stop by and possibly buy something. Turns out I did more damage at Madewell.

We have been hosting some family friends from Connecticut this weekend and showing the mother and daughter (who we are trying to convince to come to UGA) all that we love about Athens. I hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend so far!

A song for your weekend.

The Seed & Plate's neat feature on my old boss, and favorite property in town.

Do you have the Pantone app? If not- it's addicting!!

Rehearsal dinners are my favorite.



  1. You've been posting some great songs! How do you find them?! I think it's time for you to bring it back to freshmen year and make me some mixes with your new finds :)

    1. Aw thanks! I've gotten some new CD's through a local record company and Erin sends me suggestions too! I agree - it's time to bring back the mix CD!!


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