Wednesday, April 9, 2014

31 Bits: Fashion for Good

Have you heard of 31 Bits? I recently stumbled upon their website and love their business model, their mission of empowerment for women (and families) and of course, their jewelry.

"We believe true empowerment begins with caring for a person holistically and occurs when a person is completely self sustainable."

If you have time, I highly recommend reading through their Stories from Uganda to learn more about this wonderful company. Seeing the faces and names of the women behind the jewelry is inspiring as well. You could also host a party which I really want to do!

After perusing the website I decided my favorite necklaces are:

1. Freedom // 2. Jendy // 3. Luna

Wouldn't they be cute with a black jumpsuit or simple cotton dress? For more inspiration, visit the 31 Bits blog- which includes DIY ideas and recipes. You can also follow them on Pinterest!

// All images from 31 Bits //

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful jewelry for an even more beautiful cause. What a fun find, and perfect for summer!


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