Monday, May 13, 2013


Well hello and happy spring! My lack of blog presence has not been due to lack of interest - but more lack of time and maybe a little lack of mental capacity. Taylor and I have been enjoying life and soaking up this incredible time of year. Many friends are getting married, having babies, and some are moving away. It feels like God is continuing to teach us that change is good.

We have also been overwhelmed by gratitude at the unexpected financial security we have recently come into. I was able to book my first full-planning wedding and the amount for the deposit alone is enough to cover credit card debt, plus some. We can even give generously more than we thought or imagined to others and to our church's upcoming missions contribution.

By no means is money everything, but it sure offers a little bit of peace to unstable situations, especially for a young married couple :)

I can't wait to catch y'all up on everything else that is going on in life!


// Top image via Southern Charm //

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