Monday, November 19, 2012

the monday tradition

Taylor and I recently started a tradition of Monday date nights. It was his idea of beginning the work week with something fun and not having to worry about cooking! I have to say the past month has been really fun. We've already had pizza, sandwiches, BBQ and Mexican with the goal of a new place every week.

While we usually just relax and catch up on the day, I am hoping the time will transform into discussing the deeper and fun questions like, "Where do you see our family in ten years?" or "What would be your dream career?"

Do you and your mate have any weekly traditions?

// Photo via Bloom //


  1. I am so missing your blog!!! I am ready for a new post:)

  2. Aw thanks! I'm sorry the posting has been minimal this month - I am trying to make more time for it!!

  3. Such a great way to start the week! We really want to try the new Rustica Latina restaurant in Normaltown! Maybe that could be a good option!

  4. You inspired us -- Levi and I had a beginning of the week date night last night. It was truly the best conversation we've had in months. I absolutely want to continue this tradition!


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