Thursday, May 3, 2012

the second bridal shower

Jenna's second bridal shower, hosted by her bridesmaids in Athens, was truly a joy to help plan and attend! She shared a sweet moment with her mom when she first arrived and we went right into playing a fun game and eating the delicious food!

Since the bride-to-be is a vegetarian, we made sure to have filling snacks without meat- including mozzarella, tomato & basil sandwiches, pita chips & dips, and fruit kabobs.

Carly and Kathryn did a phenomenal job with the food spread- there was plenty left over which is always a good problem to have rather than run out :) Brittany and I took care of the decor and I think we captured their Maine-inpired theme as best we could!

I have to admit- being able to borrow decor from work is as fun as it sounds. But the most important part of the day was that everyone had a good time.

The munchkin above is Jenna's flower girl, Julie's daughter. Jenna's sister (and maid-of-honor) came up with a game where guests had to guess if a statement was said by the bride or groom in reference to the other. Emily was the perfect "game host", as usual.

Jenna's mom gave her a scrapbook for their first year of marriage and the cute table above! The bridesmaids also gave Jenna & Andrew their official wedding gift - a quilt from Pottery Barn. The Sunday shower was lovely and I'm so happy most of Jenna's bridesmaids were there to share in the special memory together!

 We love you, Jenna Noelle!


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  1. this looks great! can't wait to plan erin's wedding stuff :)


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