Tuesday, May 1, 2012

the first bridal shower

This past Saturday was Jenna's first bridal shower and it was so special. It was hosted by friends of Jenna's mother and they laid out quite a feast with all the bridal shower essentials - chocolate covered strawberries, quiches, chicken salad croissants and pink lemonade.

Jenna might not be your typical girly-girl, but I loved all the feminine touches and pink accents!

Besides sharing wisdom and thoughts for the newlyweds, guests were also able to enjoy two incredible scrapbooks Jenna made for Andrew for their past two anniversaries.

Of course my favorite part of the day was just seeing Jenna so happy and excited about her wedding and marriage to Andrew (in only 19 days!).

Jenna will be such a caring and thoughtful wife. I'm so happy she gets to start her new home with so many great gifts!

Check back in tomorrow for shower number two!



  1. i love the pic of you, me, britt, and christy! you are the greatest fried :) thanks for all your help!


  2. haha... "friend". i'm sure you're pretty great fried, too, though ;) can you tell it was 2:30am when i wrote that?!

  3. Haha of course! I love that picture too :)


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