Thursday, October 27, 2011

a long hiatus

Wow. It has been eight months since I wrote a post. A lot can happen in eight months and a lot HAS happened. Where to begin? Let's see...Taylor started working 3 jobs- one as a patient care tech at a local hospital, one as a personal trainer, and another at an Atlanta hospital a couple weekends a month.

I graduated from Georgia and then...hmmm let me think...oh yeah! WE GOT MARRIED. We went on a honeymoon. We moved into our first place. We enjoyed our summer. And then we hit the real world- working, saving money, spending money, stressing about money, etc. But mostly, we laughed. And we still do. A lot.

Marriage has been a blast and I'm excited to share this new journey through a new blog (formerly Two Gingers and a Jeep). Even though we're still in Athens, we're discovering a whole new side of this small town- the Normal side of town :) So here's to the new blog and to young love!

// Photo by Matt Miller //

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